Gallery Exhibit: Planting a Forest

Event Date: 9.4.15 to 10.17.15
Photo: Deirdre Woods @deirdrelovestrees (Twitter and Instagram)

Planting A Forest

September 4 - October 17, 2015
First Friday Receptions: September 4 and October 2 | 5pm - 7pm 


The Painted Bride Art Center has collected tree memories from throughout Philadelphia for a gallery exhibition. Community members submitted photos of memorable trees from their lives and shared why the tree is important to them. All submitted photos are on display in the gallery.


"Planting A Forest" includes photos by: 
Deborah Rudman
Françoise Schremmer
Brenda Dixon-Gottschild
Christina McLean
Jen Cleary 
Mikel Elam
Lisa Solis
David Forde
Roger Miller
Miriam Steinberg-Egeth
Angel Burton, The Do You Remember Me Project
Moniesha Harvey, The Do You Remember Me Project 
Veronica Boyd, The Do You Remember Me Project
Sannii Crespina-Flores, The Do You Remember Me Project
Elizabeth Core
Bob Jobin
Katherine Heilman
Andrea Poulsen
Julie Hancher
Rafi Lev
Judy Nelson
Rob Lybeck
Richele Dillard
Rita Myers
Marty Pottenger
Shelley Spector
Judy Miller
Zoe Cohen
Deidre Woods
Cheyenne Barboza
Peggy Hartzel
Donna Dvorak
Tieshka Smith

Community Partner:


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