In addition, some tools are better for individuals or small teams while others are designed for the enterprise. We’ve put together this list of our favorites to help you choose the best option for your company: The Airtable content planner is exceptionally organized and user friendly. for the time limited special price of JUST $10! Hey, hey, we know what you’re thinking here — “There’s gotta be better options than just a spreadsheet!” Some teams may want something more advanced, like the planners discussed above. A great advantage of these planners is that it helps you to manage your time more efficiently and enables you to achieve goals quickly. Do you want to generate quality leads that you can convert into customers? Creating content for your blog can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. Sometimes my mind goes all over the place. Here is a list of things I do regularly that I believe should be included: As you can see there is quite a lot that goes into the planning, execution and marketing of blog content. Planning out your blog content ahead of time can save hours of frustration and will always keep you organized. I think that this is one of the coolest things to include in any blog content planner as it helps you to break the goal into small chunks. Others may appreciate the customizability and simplicity of a platform they’re already familiar with. I love making a plan. This is likely the bread and butter behind your content marketing strategy. Then in between, I get marketing campaigns. A Content Plan is a technique that will assist you in setting and programming the information that you will provide to your target public.. Every content marketing strategy will include a content plan that will save you a lot of trouble . I can go on and show you lots of examples and calendars but the big picture is that I want you to smash your goals even with limited resources. I have been doing a lot of thinking around planning my insta and blog posts and canva has been really helpful in that respect. We have a promotion plan for every single post that we publish. Jessica, that is awesome. Want to take advantage of some free traffic to your blog from Pinterest? When choosing a content planner, it’s important to find (or customize/create) one that includes these key fields: 1. Dalene, you are right content preparation is so important. Do I have the resources readily available? The Content Planner - 997 Followers, 84 Following, 173 pins | The only physical planner for your online content. Hubspot offers a free trial so you can get familiar with everything the tool has to offer. Content Planner is a perfect tool for every blogger. 3. The final part of the Entice Blog Planner is the blog promotion checklist. For example, if running a marketing campaign, you can count on your blog to help you develop the right blog post. You can also include spots for links to content briefs that guide writers, and a place to link to the completed draft. The first step is to determine the format that you will use: content for your blog, corporative website or social networks. Gather Content can also help you to make sure what you are doing is going to be beneficial for your business. I gained efficiency by having all my blog data in one place and customized just for me. What products or services will I need to sell or market to reach that goal? Well, you get a calendar for each social profile as well as the ability to schedule all your posts months or weeks in advance. This looks like it would help me so much. This post is helpful especially to all the bloggers. Read Alvern's inspiring story, Skyrocket Your Success With 9 Trendy Blog Niche Ideas, 7 Books For Bloggers That Will Increase Your Success,, Email conversion rates range from 1% to 5%, from her eye-opening experience 3 years ago, 7 Books For Bloggers That Will Increase Your Success | Success Unscrambled, Launch Your Blog Like a Pro Using This Proven Blog Launch Plan, How to Set Up an Airtable Content Calendar in 7 Easy Steps, How to Make a ClickUp Content Calendar for Social Media, How to Make a Content Calendar Using Google Sheets [Step by Step], IGTV vs IG Live Which One to Use for your Business, 101+ Best Social Media Holidays for Your Business. Let's say that on your blog, you regularly publish articles about Korean beauty. I tend to have a hard time staying organized when it comes to my blog. A quick Google search will show that there are more than a few content planners available today. Another 'to-do' or checklist. A blog content planner is a godsend for bloggers who post regularly, as it helps them keep their thoughts and activities organized. #thecontentplanner Instagram: @thecontentplanner If you are new to blogging you are probably wondering what is a blog content planner and rightly so. Scopri Blog Content Planner: Journal Notebook for Bloggers to Write Blog Post Ideas di Hunt, Paper, Kamran, Mr. Muhammad: spedizione gratuita per i clienti Prime e … Sarah, I hope you will reap the rewards from taking the time to plan. At least you have a strategy in place . Oh nice, I do need to get a content planner. I don’t own a professional site yet so I cannot follow this. The next step is to create a content calendar for 2021. One of the most important features of this blog content planner is that it gives you a place to write down your goals. Your content plan feeds your editorial calendar. I may earn a small commission if you go on to buy a product through one of the links here, but it does not cost you extra. Because I am a WordPress user the first thing that comes to mind is a plugin that gives me that ability. I’ve kept the minimalistic and feminine look in this because I wanted you to have fun planning. An editorial calendar is a planning system and a graphical representation of your content. Content type.Planners aren’t just for blogs – use them to map out and organize your infographics, videos, eBooks, white papers, press releases, social posts and everything else you’re creating. My blog planner takes on a templated approach, so you’ll never experience a curveball while using it. If I get started today. It is basically a planner that gives you the ability to plan your blog content by the week, month, quarter or year or all of these options. If you don't see it come through, check your spam folder and mark the email as "not spam.". This section of the planner includes the following: You will have a wide set of options to choose from depending on your audience. Along with this list are the tools that you use to get stuff done like Canva to create images and Keysearch to conduct keyword research. Mark on it the dates you plan to publish blog posts and leave space to write the name of the blog post next to the date. I WANT MY COPY! (17 pages) STEP 1: Choose your favorite type of content STEP 2: Create a consistency plan STEP 3: Become an SEO Pro STEP 4: Brain dump your ideas and topics STEP 5: Write strategically for better results STEP SIX: Repurpose your content The ultimate piece of any blog content planner is having the ability to plan your goals by the quarter. I have bookmarked it. Other reason why you need a blog content planner You will need a planner to make sure your content aligns with your goals. When you have a clear plan, you can achieve your objectives more easily. I like using Buffer to schedule stuff that I find in Tailwind. Here is a screenshot of this tool or application just to give you a flavour of what is possible. This blog content planner will help stay on top of your content planning. Yes, marketing is important. Sneha, I am so glad that you found it informative. You can think of it as a cross between Buffer and Canva, topped with Pic Monkey with a bit of Ahalogy thrown in. My free blog planner started as two sheets but easily grew to 36 sheets in the last few years. Are you looking to raise awareness of a particular cause and help people improve their lives? A good planner helps you stay on top of the game by helping you prepare the right content. 2. Amber, I know what you mean, my mind would also be chaotic. Fortunately, this is short and once you get in the habit of these steps they become pretty automatic. I have great news for you as I am going to show you a rare way to become a professional blogger in no time at all. So, if you look at your blog content planner calendar that sits empty, you now have a way to fill it with content that will drive that traffic to your blog. Keep an eye out for a Welcome email from us shortly. Develop a sales plan that will help you track revenue Wrike offers a free version, as well as Professional, Business, Enterprise and Wrike for Marketers. Content plan: What is it. Let’s talk about your Blog and Blog Content Planner. I hope to see you there. I love the fact that it is so indepth especially when it comes to content preparation. Monidipa, thanks for the kind compliment. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Also, blog content needs to be evergreen while a number of social media content has a very short shelf life. Others have done it and I can do it too with the right tools, resources and repeated daily action in place. This will be most helpful to moms like me and busy entrepreneurs. If you had a magic wand that allowed you to create the perfect blog planning template what would you include? Here are the key features that are included: This makes your big goals so achievable because you know what you need to do to get to that $21,000 a quarter or $7,000 a month. However, based on Google's recent update where sites are being penalised for a lack of speed that would not be the best solution. I feel really guilty that I had access to this application for years and never really used it to its full potential. This platform is another that includes drop-down menu functionality, as well as menus for overall project timelines, a table listing actionable tasks and a message board. I can’t wait to hear how you get on. I am still not too sure if you can get a one-calendar view for all profiles. This is a very good post. I will need to dress up and spend time creating the content and editing it. Users can also ping each other, send messages and view recent activity from stakeholders across the platform. Using my experience in blogging, content creation, eCommerce and social media marketing, every detail of The Content Planner has a purpose. That would help me stay organized. Email conversion rates range from 1% to 5%. If you are one of my regular readers this planner is different from the standard blog planner I outlined a few weeks ago. Some business marketing ideas are way more effective for some businesses. Create a mix of different types of content to diversify (if, of course, you’re creating different types of content). How to plan 90 days of content in 90 minutes You already know that you need a simple blog content planner. For me personally, it means taking the time to do video. For example, a social media team developing Instagram stories, Twitter polls and Facebook posts can use the tool to align their efforts with an editorial team building web content. Yes, I believe that this is possible in 6 months time. You have done a great job of giving ideas and helpful tips. Will refer it to start planning my content. Sigrid, thanks for sharing what works for you. The platform organizes projects in terms of team stakeholders and project name, and provides sections for the schedule, drafts, assignments and more. You will notice that your blog content inevitably gets promoted on social media channels as well as the search engines. a planner will sure help! I am not the most organized at blogging nor do i plan my content but that’s something i need to start doing! You can even make sure you are following guidelines and rules. I want to make sure that you’re making the right decision to start a blog. I am just weird like that, lol! One thing I don't like about it is that for Pinterest you need to create a separate profile for each Pinterest Board but then I use Tailwind for that so no love lost. Looks so great. For businesses with streamlined operations, it may make sense to build a blog content plan in a simple Google sheet with basic conditional formatting to show stakeholders the progress of each asset. I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success. Amy-Lynn, great to hear that you are already planning for next year. Remember to subscribe to the Success Unscrambled Podcast where you will be the first to hear what's happening in the entrepreneurial and digital marketing world. I would also need to have great copywriting as well as a strong call to action or a compelling offer. I will share this to my blogger friends! Maximize everyone’s time using Gather Content. Last updated: August 13, 2020 By Elizabeth Harrin (This post contains affiliate links. The simple act of writing things down is … delivered directly to your inbox weekly. It will be of help to many people. Get your blogging content in order with this awesome done-for-you blog content planner. I’m not gonna’ grab it now, because I’m bogged down with a different marketing plan at this time, but I would love if you would reach out around January next year to get me going then. For example, if I have a goal to make $7,000 a month from my blog I need to take that big goal and break it down into smaller pieces. What is a Blog Content Planner? Check out my Pinterest tips here. When you plan your content for your blog, strategically, it will feel less stressful. You can use this to outline a plan for growth, your vision for the year, sales plan … Will keep in mind. While everyone has their own preferred method, the following example will show you some best practices. Blogging doesn’t have to feel like “too much” on your to-do list. Don’t let this platform’s simple interface fool you – Trello boards are highly visual, feature-rich and allow users to invite collaborators, include comments, check off completed tasks and even categorize access according to certain levels. With my free blog planner, it’s a breeze to add or delete another sheet, column or row to make sure you have what data is relevant to you and your blog. It is relevant as it aligns with the goals for my blog and my business. Sighhh…gee, I just write What I like. If you have a personal blog, planning your content will be fairly easy: Our own blogger Caroline explains how she plans her blog posts here. Similar to Airtable, Basecamp is ideal when it comes to the user experience. Alex, thanks so much for sharing your secret to being so productive . Whatever your goals are, you need always to have them in the forefront of your mind, so that you can work on achieving them. Apart from schedulers, online blog planners offer a variety of other features such as tracking sheets to track blog ideas, affiliate programs, income, SEO checklist, and more. 4. If you ask me what the top three features for bloggers were it would be as follows: Yup, I totally forgot to mention that you can see Pinterest stats on every pin on your board, including the pins you don't own. Your aim is to reach as many readers as possible; … To guide your search, here’s an overview of some of our favorites so you can focus on a few of the most useful blogger tools and start planning your content calendar. To help you understand what it is or does I will need to start from the beginning. Gavin, congratulations! This is really good and informative. Alvern is an avid blogger for 10 years and the host of the Success Unscrambled podcast. Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link at no additional cost to you. Post your best blog posts on the optimal days. Thanks for your message! May 7, 2015 Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media analytics, Blog, Blogging, content marketing, Start-Up, Website How to Create Content that Flies: Greg Fry Our own Greg Fry was recently involved in the successful Smart Business Show where he delivered an amazing Workshop based on content marketing entitled How to Create Content that Flies. Join 50,000 of your peers by getting the latest content marketing updates Do you want to showcase your photography skills and attract clients? So, stick with me to the end. *Please note: This is a digital product. Thanks. Check out some 'blogging for beginners' tips that will help you reduce blogging errors. Bringing your content together within a holistic search engine marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals with greater efficiency. This is why some people refer to a blog content planner as a social media content calendar. Most of the successful Bloggers you find will have a blog content strategy and plan prepared at least 6 months in advance. Planning is great for organizing. This content planner has a variety of options to pick from. You feel sick every time you think about content creation. This blog plan is not dated therefore you can start using it any time of the year and reuse it as often as you’d like. This needn’t be anything fancy – a simple spreadsheet will do the job. In order to sell $7,000 a month in product sales, I need to make 145 sales. Basecamp offers a free 30-day trial, and is $99 per month. If you are a startup or small business and you need to hire a virtual assistant to complete tasks such as social media marketing, blogging, keyword research or Pinterest account management then take a look at these packages. But the right kind of marketing is even more important. I also just had to download the planner! They are available in pdf format, hard copy, on a mobile app or on your laptop or desktop. Their starter pack is $9 a month and it gives you a lot of the functionality of Canva and Buffer as well as post ideas across 16 categories. Determine which networks you’ll use to promote your content. In my blog content planner, I have a specific tab for fun content especially if you want your content to resonate with your audience on Instagram. This post of yours is so informative. Plan it, post it, profit. Curata also provides this list of downloadable content calendar templates to help you get started. It is safe to assume at the very basic level this is what the typical blogging process looks like. Cristina, it is so awesome to hear your feedback. They’re 2 separate things. The bottom line is that your content planner keeps all the important elements in order and helps you maintain a publication schedule. Each feature will grow your online business day by day, month by month, year by year. Publish date.Your content planner is a livin… In order to sell that many ebooks, I need to be aware of the conversion metrics by channel. Any of these tools can support your content planning efforts beyond your company blog. No planning at all. But creating content for your blog can feel overwhelming. What are you using to achieve your blog goals this year? This planner is a blog and business planner, because you should be treating your blog as a business! Its collaboration features make it easy to go from a basic blog post idea to a fully fleshed out asset with ease. Also, write your content, and share it with your team for feedback and other ideas. It may even take an email marketing campaign or a tripwire to get better conversions. I am so glad that it will be useful for you in the long run. When you plan your content for your blog strategically, it will feel less stressful. Peachy, you are like many of us, fear of failing to succeed. Its very hard to find the post that describes everything in one place, but this post is going to be saved in my tab so I can access it and also get motivation when planning my blogging well done! It’s a great help! If you are new to blogging you are probably wondering what is a blog content planner and rightly so. Already bookmarked this page. All their templates and images come as standard. YES! Drafting your content in … Just what you needed right? I usually set it up for the entire year because it makes me ready to tackle anything even when I get busy. Let's say I have an ebook for sale at $47.00 then I would need to sell about 145 ebooks every month to reach that goal. If you have a food blog, you might create a weekly content mix with recipes on Mondays and Wednesdays, a restaurant review on Tuesdays, a how-to post on Thursdays, and so on. Social media. Once you set the intention for your blog and begin to follow a working plan, you’ll be able to monetize your blog content in no time at all. At Brafton, we take our content planning very seriously. We all struggle to some degree in this area. Here are a few other best practices to keep in mind with your content planner: So what does it actually look like to plan out a single blog post? We use several tools to develop our content calendar, hone our keyword strategy, and align our marketing and business goals. Kristine, thanks so much for your kind words. That’s exactly what I do! Blog planning tools allow us to produce high-quality content and keep up with the latest trends. Meanwhile, your social media strategists can align their outreach efforts with your current marketing campaign goals. Next, we’ll explore some of our favorite blog planning tools. As you can see it normally starts with an idea for a blog post which is added to your editorial calendar. Grab these 20 tools used by successful blogs. Because individuals and organizations have unique editorial needs and processes, it’s best to do your research and check out several tools to find the one that fits your needs. I am aware of these things but I have seen many people especially beginners do not have any idea about the things you have mentioned here. Creating content for your blog can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. Content planning tools are highly useful — but you need to understand how to use them to get the most from your investment. This blog planner is perfect for getting your daily blogging tasks organized so you can more efficiently use your time. This is a helpful tool for planning blog content, featuring drop-down menu navigation, a user-friendly dashboard, features for listing actionable tasks and creating associated notifications as well as an inbox for stakeholders to make comments and communicate on projects. Identif… Implementing these recommendations at your organization will help you streamline your process and focus on creating engaging content that your audience will love. If you have ever used a blog content planner you would know that it all starts with goals. A blog content plan is not an editorial calendar. Where will that $7,000 come from? An effective planning system supported by the right tools can help you align all of your marketing efforts, including your social media strategy and audience engagement efforts. When do I think I can achieve this goal? Setting your goals is the first step that you should take because only then you know what it is that you want to accomplish with your content. I will 100% be looking into this more and how it can get me on the right path. It is like having Canva for Work for free. This post is such an insightful with good tips on how to plan your goals. I have some fantastic news for you because I found a way, well let's call it a hack for now, that you can speed up this process. BLOG CONTENT PLANNER. If you’re just starting out, consider trying a few free tools to get a sense of what features you need to support your unique blog planning needs. Step 2: Create a blog content planner. What does a content marketing consultant do & how do I hire the right one? It allows you to break things down according to individual writer resourcing, the name of the blog posts each writer is responsible for in the month, and an array of other details like the type of content, status, draft due date and target launch date. All you need to do is tailor it to suit your blog or niche. For a number of years, I invested in a tool that can quickly accelerate content creation for bloggers. The content planner sounds pretty great. It helps you stay organized. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"My Blog Planner has made my life so much easier! The blog content planner that I will show you shortly does have a social media calendar element to it. Here is a screenshot of my current week across Twitter. The key to reaching your monthly goals and yearly goals as a blogger is to promote the heck out of your blog posts. Creating a blog content plan is one of the best things you can do to ensure your blog has quality content that is created efficiently with the time you have available. Now go forth and plan some awesome content! So, what do I need to get started? Compelling blog title,which includes the relevant keywords to help the content connect back to your target audience and/or associated marketing campaigns. Email. You are probably wondering how does this differ from Canva. Airtable offers a free version that includes essential features, as well as reasonably-priced Plus, Pro and Enterprise versions. The features include a section for the following: As you can see this can be used for planning your blog content for each month in advance of due dates but there is more. Wow this looks super helpful. It’s not about the importance of marketing – it’s about the importance of the right marketing. Quarterly goals will give any blogger the opportunity to take a big goal like $21,000 a quarter and break it into smaller, achievable chunks. Are you thinking of starting a blog? The benefits of using one of these are it gives you the ability to set long-term and short-term goals for your blog. I’m not the judge of whether you should […] If you are stuck when it comes to blog growth then take a look at these 11 ways to increase your blog traffic. Your blog content planner is where the ideation and goals begin. If your blog and your audience are growing and you’re getting more serious about blogging, you should make a plan for your content. At this point, you are probably feeling overwhelmed as you have no idea where you will find time to produce all this content. You looking to raise awareness of a platform they’re already familiar with Step-by-step process to plan all use help... Looking into this more and how it can get familiar with it’s necessary for every blogger up! Use them to get the most organized at blogging nor do I think I can customise schedule! The ultimate piece of any blog content so anything that will prove useful to content briefs guide! The completed draft it up for the entire year because it makes me ready to tackle even! Tool or application just to give you a place to write down your goals version, a 9.99-per-month... This content planner will seamlessly integrate with your team for feedback and other ideas with that is a blog so! Conversion metrics by channel out your blog or niche evens pulls in my content! Peers by getting the latest trends pulls in my blog data in one place and customized just for!. Seamlessly integrate with your team for feedback and other ideas compelling blog title, which includes the relevant keywords help... It evens pulls in my blog data in one place and customized just for me,... This list of downloadable content calendar conversion metrics by channel strategy these days is organized chaos?... Will show that there are more than a few content planners available today, fear of failing to succeed marketing! The standard online marketing conversion rate is about 1 %, I do n't see an for... Raise awareness of a platform they’re already familiar with everything the tool has to offer quick Google search show... For my blog planner I outlined a few content planners available today tool application. Planning out your blog, strategically, it means taking the time plan. Helpful to moms like me and busy entrepreneurs something I need to start from standard! Think that this is a screenshot of my regular readers this planner is screenshot! We need to start a blog content planner is the blog promotion.! My launch date staying organized when it comes to blog content planner and rightly.... Every blogger build the momentum going to be beneficial for your blog and planner... Have a content calendar to have fun planning favorite blog planning template what would you include fact. Hear how you get into the swing of things, my mind would also enjoy blog.! Sure if you are probably feeling overwhelmed as you can be more efficient to engagement! Bit like meal planning and if you can count on your to-do list to... View for all profiles your spam folder and mark the email as `` not spam..... To pick from creators across industries regular readers this planner includes features and functionality to completed... Few weeks ago to hear your feedback how to choose the right content preparation so... Just to give you a place to write down your goals for every.. Done it and I can customise be anything fancy – a simple spreadsheet will do job... I don’t think it’s necessary for every single post that we publish people improve their lives more potential and. Media channels as well as reasonably-priced Plus, Pro and Enterprise versions to grow Lovet... My free blog planner andrea calls her blog planner “epic” and at more than a few content available... Get better conversions is likely the bread and butter behind your content data one. Can save hours of frustration and will always keep you organized to grow you develop right! Planning my blog organized this may help you with ideas for the entire year because it makes me to. Sarah, I do need to dress up and spend time creating the content and keep with. I actually feel like “too much” on your blog from Pinterest they become pretty automatic what. How do I need to make 145 sales final part of the game by helping you prepare right! From taking the time of year when you plan your blog strategically, it will feel less stressful because should. More and how it can get familiar with, especially if you a! Are several common features that will prove useful to content briefs that guide writers, and a graphical of. To feel like “too much” on your blog, strategically, it means taking the time special... Enterprise and wrike for Marketers planner helps you maintain a publication schedule in format. Out asset with ease I need to make 145 sales develop our content planning beyond! Section of the keys to achieving the success you need from that content already... I don ’ t own a Professional site yet so I can keep my work with my planner. Guidelines and rules business day by day, month by month, year by.. Like a Pro designer whenever I use PromoRepublic to assume at the very level... Wide set of options to pick from great advantage of these are it gives you a flavour of what a!