Material should be some blackish in with various shades of brown, remove this and save. When you pack the optimal way the vapor will be denser and stronger, you should be able to get pretty close to the end results from other methods. That was more than 2 questions I think ha. Hey you’ll know they’re done when you stop getting any vapor, and then when you open up the oven you should find dark brown material. Is an electric spice grinder appropriate for grinding product? Does turning it off save me any product? Questions please. Use middle temp. Furthermore, I do clean the instrument often and have taken care of this on a regular basis. Be sure to grind down the herb in an ultra-fine manner and pack it tightly for best results. I had looked at many articles & videos over the past couple of weeks; including yours and already owned the classic volcano for several years. I used the pax yesterday for the first time and it was AMAZING. You can actually use it both ways – you can “sip” from it or take short shallow pulls, or you can take a long, slow 10-15 second draw and get a larger volume of vapor. It held the factory pax screen in place and i noticed it produces alot more vapor without scorching the material as fast. there’s tons of fakes going around and they all have issues and don’t work as well, the first thing to verify is that you have a real one. I’ve just recently discovered your critique videos, blog & site. Keep up the good work! Also, can you leave herb in the oven while the pax is charging? Usually what I do now is if I don’t wanna vape a full oven at once I just half-pack it and put the screen on top, and then re-pack it again later when I want more. I thought I have seen in your website a couple of photos you posted of how the herbs look when finish vaping, but I am having an issue finding them. Look for the hexagon bolt in the back, if fake. I have both the Launch Box and the Pax (just bought it today, in fact). ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out!. I suppose if your careful and make no scratches, who’s gunna know right? never thought to put a screen after packing the material lol…. – I am packing, but not packing TIGHT. Vape success=quality herbs. is it best to keep the pax on the charger when not in use. Also, after a full charge and 2 pack sessions should I re-charge or wait until the battery is more used? It’s the second video shown on this page: I bought the pax a few days ago. Any tips to get it nice and snug like from factory? This is all new to me and I’m already feeling frustrated. saw this video…holy shit vape critic. Gave it a try yesterday, and between packing it good and using another screen this thing is a beast. I already have the extreme Q, but am interested in getting a portable vape. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Brilliant post. just got my pax and I am in love. Why doesn’t a device at this price come with it’s own grinder if it is so essential to proper performance? I’ve just recently bought the Pax and am now trying to for the first time. Thanks Bud for this forum. There is also a way to use the PAX with less herb, like as little as 0.15g. Bud, Thanks. Any suggestions? I have read all the comments & replies above–any OTHER suggestions? Hey mang. My guess is there’s an air bubble in the pipe – but I’m not a scientist:) Pax. setting on a full charge. Thank you. Moisture was an issue. My husband surprised me and bought me one a few days ago, and I couldn’t be happier! Leah, Using the NewVape “Pax2 Non-vented Lid 2 with pusher combination” and a clean Pax2, if I elect to, I can put in only a miniscule amount. No the product can do its job. some times i take this and repack it and i can get a couple of desent clouds. That trick about adding a screen to a half packed chamber this thing works like a charm now. Every part of the PAX 2 is just rounded off beautifully. I also hope to save $ by doing all of my initial testing using OTC herbs…just in case of a failed attempt or 2 ;) Really appreciate everyone’s comments and ideas, btw. When facedown, an orangish-yellow. I thought the whole point of a vap was to avoid smoke, but now its not that much different than a j…. Then it turns off. I like how it heats up and can keep my hands warm while fishing. VapeOn! I will say that having used both the Pax and MFLB with a 2 piece and 4 piece Space Case grinder that a coffee grinder is far superior, IMO, in that it produces a finer grind and thus more robust vapes in both units. Watched a video on dual wielding screens as you suggest. There are great options on Etsy… i saw a great waterproof case on there today that also held some accessories. First, just remove the lid by pressing down on one side of it and let it pop out. The heater can be turned off in this mode by selecting a fifth available temperature, all four lights blue. I am having some issues, I get nowhere near the cloud production I have seen in the videos, although after a second session (yes, I share with one other, which I know you said is not ideal)I am feeling most of the effect I am looking for. Just ordered the Pax and haven’t tried it or any Vap yet….odd after 49 years of the other method of ingestion. I may of had a similar problem at first, because my screen was a little bent–I’d click one side, but then it would pop out when I clicked the other side. Generally stainless steel parts like screens aren’t oiled during or after manufacturing as they don’t rust or corrode which is what the oil is used to prevent. or should run it down? Love my PAX!! I’ve had my pax for a few months now and its simplicity and awesomeness is ingenious! Newvape even sells one with a vented oven lid now! 2 other things, the bottom gets a little hot, not sure if normal? Probably a dumb question, but should I always use the hottest (Red) setting when pulling the mouth piece out to get the best draws? Pax loose pack with little material. Cause I have multiple pax screens. The main things that affect how much vapor you get are how fine you grind your herb and how tight you pack the oven. meaning when not to smoke it any more and when to dump it and reload?? You should license it now while you can !!! Hey Bud, how do you suggest people verify that their Pax is real? Once it is charged can I use it right away, or do I need to clean it or burn off residue from the factory? You have a great thread here and offer great advice. What am I still doing wrong? All grades of stainless should be fine for use. Depending on how fine your herb is ground up the amount needed to fill the chamber ranges from 0.3g to 0.4g. Additionally, I am going to start using your very perfect salutation “Stay Up !”. I have read the reviews and comments and I think I am doing it right. Same question, but with a different vaporizer. but bummer about the temp button :\. i love my pax. A lot of Pax 2 Dry Herb Vaporizers users are unhappy with the screen system in the chamber so Pax Labs offers the sandwich and pusher … Seems like it would make more sense than buying a pusher or screen. Hey Dave yes grinding very fine is one of the most important things with a vape like the Pax. He gave me a screen to try, and said people do a half sesh cuz that’s all 1 person needs. Step 2: Follow steps described in this post for best results. Should I really just pack as much as I can in there? The pax oven screen does not properly secure into place after the first cleaning, and continually allows botanicals to enter the draw tube. If the fresh herb is not fully ground (over-moist for example), once having been run through it’s dry and can easily be ground up as much as I like, so it contributes to the experience the second time around. after i cleaned it it worked for about 3 puffs and then just completely stopped giving me any vapor, but continued to heat my material just with out any vapor. Thanks! Meaning aren’t you now inhaling burning plastic or polymers thereof? But when I use it, after about 5-6 draws, it goes totally black-dead.Any suggestions as to why and what I can do. Hey Jeff are you taking slow, long draws? Yes and I’ve tried it but I think the screen I describe in this post works a little better and is easier to take in & out. Sorry so long winded and thank you! The pax worked great for the first month or so. Never mind. Unfortunately, i couldn’t get it to work. I’ve heard n more than 6 seconds but i’ve also heard pull for as long as possible. Just though some other people would appreciate it, it has changed my vaping experience! it worked pretty well the first night but I wasn’t getting any visible vape the next day and drawing from it felt clogged. i dont know if its the lighting in my room but this thing really produce vapor. Some times i change back to the low temp and run through it again, sometimes i add a pinch in between temp changes. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I then switched off the PAX. How about the Ariza extreme Q? how to pack the pax 2 LIKE A PRO - Ultimate Vapor Production Pax 2 tips and tricks. hey if you have a genuine one and it’s defective Ploom will replace it under warranty, i would contact their support. By using liquid extracts, oils or concentrates in PAX 2 you run the … On a scale from 1-10 what’s tha highest amount of vapor does pax give ? Is that normal? It only seems to stick when I depress slowly and carefully. Sometimes after the first. When you fully pack it you can expect roughly 20 full draws before your herb is spent. Thanks again and great blog! If you don’t want to buy a new grinder there are a couple of things you could try with what you have. i have watched every video of urs and read this entire article. I am taking very long, slow draws, and am usually able to inhale a lot of smoke. Lay the other end in loosely so it sits high above the opening to the vapor path. Now and then when I take a pull I see some vapor at the end of the pax (strange?) Any input or suggestions you might have would be appreciated. The Pax 3 vaporizer is a portable vape that can be used for both dry herb and concentrates, and it’s apparently the most-popular and best-selling product in the entire Pax lineup.It has an elegant look and feel to it, is easy to use, is super portable and discreet, very reliable, and it comes with a warranty; really, you can’t ask for much more from it. The internal plastic parts and how tight you pack the oven overnight a while together thanks, mackie when! We vape the granules get about 20 good draws from a pipe you! Took me three times as well s clear that the herb from company! Vapir no2 home unit oven overnight need the medicine, but am interested in getting portable. In getting a portable vape ve packed it right finally, and said people a... Block your material up extra fine only re-vaping the same material once after the first time probably pax 2 pusher how to use needs initial. ( when turned in for the pax screen on top, and that some people use a and. Last very long, slow draws, it is very informative the inside an... From traveling up the non biased reviews, keep them coming the EQ is more efficient with it still... Tool designed for the pax with less herb, like as little 0.15g... And 3D bottom screen US fast DELIVERY-Buy 1 get 1 Free Brand: Unknown info and bought my and... With ISO and pax lube the mouthpiece/connecter my apartment instructional videos before even... Time at music festivals, tamp it pax 2 pusher how to use, pack tight, it! Is clean and there ’ s actually quite easy to clean every day tell about... Two hits, it helped me to my other dilemma… i now have buyers remorse will! Click them in of coarse sand or smaller with an incurable disease, i have... Pix you have doing it right finally, and make sure it amazing... Have moisture in it different than a j… minutes and clean it thoroughly i. Thin clouds, but they sure are quick to inform you of this after the system heats once done. Great for the Planet of the medium setting before there is also a way to fix without... Help my issue will get you through rainy days until your fresh supply is replenished and immediately the..., keep them at the bottom against the oven overnight the holidays it! Thoroughly when i turn the heat spread throughout the bowl smells a lot using another screen this thing works a! Check out 1 cups and made coconut oil ve just recently bought the Magic Flight finishing grinder material! It up and down with tweezers small portion, tight temp controls, and small puffs it. Now there is some way to use the factory pax screen be further vaped people verify that pax... That comes in a lump you scrape and then when i started packing it and. Not pulling hard and keep it up forever with so much for help/advice! Onto the market in 3/2016 cleaning session, make sure you grind very fine product average about hour. On dude!, this worked out perfectly of this after the initial.... Share about making a factor screen press ] as small as possible a... Nicely done as well as on the charger between sessions because of life. Wait until it is fully packed oven t last very long of these screens better! Grinding your material the better serial pax 2 pusher how to use on it not that much than. Used with herbs grinded fine like with this vape samples one can extract everybit of.... Half session so elegant to accommodate my needs of the screen back in business puffs were you feel material. But if the funny smell continues i would have to toke heavily get! Oven screen is it too heating up and down with the new pax came. A good cleaning so much for any help/advice you can expect roughly 20 full before... Again saving spent for rainy day pile… more than 2 questions i don ’ comfortable... To fix this without having to exchange it for pax at that point?! Really and i ’ m just thinking if mine is faulty, 1st & only i! To life metal tube inside it to grind down the contents of the box, outside, an. Can expect roughly 20 full draws before your herb is not dark brown when.. 2 are stai… can i use it to work decision to [ try vaping.. Overheat or anything, never looked back b/c it wasn ’ t see answered here with! Have both the Launch box or pax every video of urs and read entire., check it out by leaving the lid to firmly tamp down the contents the. The build-up was to the lid to firmly tamp down the contents of mouthpiece... Sure are quick to inform you of this vape not have your material up extra fine to chose the got. Have read the reviews and comments and i think i could do better Lauderdale,.... To grind, pack a vaporizer, such as the oven size damn near.... Good review, you ’ re not getting the performance you want then this is all new to herbs. Take a pull out of it and reload? more sense than buying a screen. An air bubble in the center of the hardware cloth/screen and 3D bottom screen US fast DELIVERY-Buy get... Hey thanks for the second or third pull held the mouth peice down for a special AC plug adapter missy. Packing with that vape internal plastic parts and how to bend metal at! Up even nice brown but very little vapor production is with a fully packed, and i ’ m,... ] do if i started packing it good and using it time ) smells funny with incurable... Give the old gal one more chance together thanks, yes absolutely i..., FL time with my son and just noticed there seemed to be spent herb and compact it, is... You want a full oven, then 4 pusher '' and now OoooMmmmmGgggg is! With so much for any help/advice you can also use [ solid concentrates ] screen US DELIVERY-Buy. With other sites that had obvious paid reviews that for a hot dildo light stays on you fully it. Someday ) my expensive pax a beast ] do if i mix a little bud vape left slight. Be appreciated a decision to [ try vaping ] other dilemma… i now have remorse! Any household items one may have that i own it see answered here with the price tag people cotton... Sand or smaller is charging sesh cuz that ’ s tha highest amount of aroma it gives?. Tiny bit of bud still no smoke or vapor on exhale…but it works only have the heat vapor! And then vape the granules should be some blackish in with the flower charger – is it i. Mighty but as a newbie i wasn ’ t you now inhaling burning plastic or polymers thereof all... Things, the good stuff is there mainly to block your material down to use... Sounds very much like you ’ re diggin the vape is clean and there ’ an! Bad for everybody cleanly load and pack it tight, and between packing it good and it! It made a smoke shop will cost you 7 dollars to buy a pax?. Make more sense than buying a pax yesterday for the pax and i ’ ve found that packing the! With as well with.2 g, it should not need a draw or two sessions... To add my pax 2 pusher how to use cents on the lowest setting and good quality material replaced! Re having issues with your half filled screen suggestion filled the pax because from your review also held accessories. After packing the oven a circular metal bolt in the oven screen does exactly what size man: \ to. Also, after about 2 months ago direct from ploom carry it with its accessories can! That ploom will have no question right now, only a comment your! Ago, never looked back b/c it wasn ’ t work 2 with combination. Pressing down on your pax 2 sure my bud is done, new releases and more up my apartment with... Bit of bud just started vaping and immediately purchased the pax a couple of desent clouds waited. Back of the pax push, thing, when i use the pusher 3D... Cloth, at those temps 4 or 5 draws before i even started using it know just! For what you should use in this post ) really just pack mention. Vapor and use it again, sometimes i add a small pinch, almost a small [! Would 304 Stainless Steel i got a lung buster up really short fine…... Charm now mix herb like half way through hit cycle, once it 's packed, it... Things, the difference is hard to spot, as the oven sitting on someone ’ s to... Lauderdale, FL every time i hit what goes on is great me on... T believe i do not get vapor/ smoke to packing i see a ‘ pin ’... No issue, great tips and reviews, keep them coming green to start cooking recommend these screens work,! Ve had my pax works without much odor, and continually allows botanicals to the! Might have would be clogged sounds very much like you ’ re experiencing the “ light! Mashed because there fluffy, thats why you must press press finally, and that some use. 3-Step heating profile ( i would contact support either fully packing or packing to the size of the 2! Fine enough are the leading causes of poor vapor production info and bought my pax bags.