For the latest developments, access the EY Tax COVID-19 Response Tracker. That goes from. If your employer reimburses you for expenses you paid for him, that reimbursement isn't taxable income, but these expenses aren't allowable either. This means that in the summer of 2021, you’ll need to file your tax return for 2020. You pay tax on the rental income minus a deduction of 40% (however, that deduction is limited to 3.05 times the cadastral revenue). Does HMRC action this quickly? Check box 1001 if you are single or living with your partner and you haven't formalised your partnership. You didn't mention the UK State Pension explicitly, but just "If you receive a government pension from another country, that will almost always be taxable there.". As a matter of principle, Belgium doesn't tax capital gains if they are made by way of "normal management of private wealth". Check other codes if your registered partnership has ended or if you are divorced (1014) or took up separate residences (1018). It is advisable to get some legal help if you have to pay the Cayman tax. How to get help for your income tax return 2020, local office of the Belgian tax authority, check your file on the website of the Belgian Central Bank, FAQ regarding the declaration of foreign bank accounts and life insurances, Getting a Driver’s Licence in Belgium and Ghent, Life in Belgium – Quinten Van Hoorebeke – status: boarding, A-Z of Belgian Fries and Ghent’s Frituurs. You need to file a separate tax return for each child, and you declare the child support in code 1192. In box XIV you have to confirm whether you have bank accounts outside Belgium, even if you didn't have any income on these accounts.Â. E.g. Box V is for pensions and other similar income. The value is the average of the values at the end of each quarter (31 December 2018, 31 March 2019, 30 June 2019, and 30 September 2020. Box VIIis for the income of your investments, i.e. Expenses for professional home care of sick children would become eligible. The Belgian tax authorities have provided certain clarifications and examples of the new NID regime in Circular 2020/C/22 (Dutch | French). Here is the chat. If you decide to go digital, note that you will automatically keep receiving the annual invitation to fill in the forms electronically. What is good to know is that you are also entitled to any tax deduction that applies to that same type of income in Belgium. In addition to Belgium's income tax, other taxes may apply to wages or profits earned, including social services, medical care, and capital gains taxes. You don't give the value of the insurance policies. If you don't claim a tax deduction for child care, you get an additional personal allowance of €600 if you fill out code 1038). Once you become a Belgian tax resident, you should be aware that all Belgian tax residents are liable to taxation on their worldwide income and gains. The pension is exempt in the UK. Yes, this also includes rental income from your house in Brazil, stock trading income from Luxembourg and the income from your farm in Spain. We want to showcase what the expat community is up to in Ghent and help newcomers find their way in the city. If you leave it blank, the taxman will deduct the fixed allowance of €4,810. Did you get any help or advice? If the bank pays you more than €980, it will deduct 15%, but the bank doesn't know if you had interest on other savings accounts. Are you considering keeping double taxation residency? This will summarise your income and costs and provide the final calculation. All foreign bank accounts of Belgian tax residents must be reported to the Belgian Central Bank (and in your tax declaration). And I think there may be an additional 7% to pay in lieu of a commune tax? If you are submitting your tax declaration electronically, via the Tax-on-web application, the deadline is 16th July 2020. Children who are at university during the week are still considered to be living with you if they keep their registration with the commune. Not doing so results in a tax increase of 2.25% of the tax. But you might have to pay tax in the country you live in. It is only when the bank has not deducted the 30% tax - mostly because it is a foreign bank - that you have to report the dividend or interest income under the correct codes, usually 1444/2444. Costs that aren't exclusively professional (e.g. The rules depend on whether you live. your salary statement shows code 250 to the left of your salary and 286 next to the tax withheld at source. They will need to know your full name, your Belgian national registration number and all the documents and information relevant for your 2019 tax declaration. Learn how your comment data is processed. ", On the site, they state: "If you’re not a UK resident, you don’t usually pay UK tax on your pension. I asked them to send the forms again in French but I would really like to know whether I only need to fill in the personal and bank details and Section V for my small Belgian pension. Individual income tax rate in Belgium 2009-2019 Total tax rate for medium sized businesses in the Philippines 2005-2020 Individual income tax rate in Luxembourg 2009-2019 As such, TheSquare.Gent and its writers do not accept any responsibility for any use of the information found in this article. Maintenance paid can be deducted up to 80% if. In other words, you plan to pay taxes in your home country and in Belgium? What we hope to give you are some useful guidelines and an overview of different options for finding more information. Pensions paid by the European Institutions are not liable to tax, but pensions paid by other international organisations usually are. If you read through, there are different rules for a Belgian pension received before 2013 and those from 2013. Now she enjoys creating beautiful design, exploring space and talking to people. The double tax treaty between Belgium and the UK stated that UK pensions were taxable in Belgium only and that the UK had to exempt the pension. The Square.Gent is a virtual meeting place and an information source for all expats in Ghent, Belgium. Tax revenue stood at 48% GDP in 2012. You do not have to prove your expenses; you are entitled to an allowance calculated as a percentage of your earnings. Note that at other (non-Corona) times, the Gent local tax office in Zuidertoren offers an interpreter in Flemish sign language. If you don’t have to pay the tax in advance (e.g. In Flanders, you recover 30% or €450. These include speculative capital gains. If you have such a legal arrangement, you must also declare the interest and dividends that accumulated in it. The tax authorities have warned they are going to pay particular attention to payments made to beneficiaries in other countries. because it is a second residence), you need to declare the rental value. But, in that hypothetical situation, if that rental income had been taxed only in Belgium, you would have had to pay 800 EUR per year. (Bearing in mind Covid and their folks could be working from home?). Also it may be that they do not withhold any tax at source and so we would always have to do a tax return for Belgium to pay the tax over. If you have received remuneration for work outside Belgium and if that income is taxable in the other country under the relevant article of the double tax treaty (usually article 14 or 15, see the list), you must still include that income in your tax return. If you buy a second property, you are entitled to federal tax benefits (under II). Belgian residents who must pay the stock exchange tax must file a tax return and pay the tax before the end of the second month following the taxable transaction. “Exemption with progression" means that Belgium exempts the overseas income but that the Belgian tax authorities will take account of this exempted income to determine the tax rate that applies to any income that is taxable in Belgium. When one parent pays maintenance, she can take an 80% deduction for her payments if the children are domiciled with the other parent. Dividends from overseas companies must be reported in code 1444/2444, but you can deduct the rest of the exemption of €800 first. a pension from the U.K. is normally taxable there, unless you took out your pension for the first time before 2013. These are normally taxed at source; the (Belgian) bank or the company that pays the dividend deducts 30% tax when they pay out. You must mention that you claim the exemption at the end of box IV under letter O. Try not to be too creative. Corporate Tax Rate in Belgium averaged 38.08 percent from 1981 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 48 percent in 1982 and a record low of 29 percent in 2018. If you sell within five years, the capital gain is tax at 16.5 %. If you received interest on a regulated savings account, that is tax exempt up to €980 per spouse or per partner (that is €1,960 for a couple). You can, however, deduct the income tax you paid on the property abroad. This is not an automatic right, but in most cases, the tax authorities do approve such requests. Hi Liz & AGKBrown If the total interest on all your savings accounts, in Belgium and abroad, is more than €980, you have to complete code 1151/2151. Keep up-to-date on significant tax developments around the globe with EY’s Global Tax Alert library. Law of 20 December 2020 laying down urgent provisions in tax matters and the fight against fraud (Official Gazette of 30 December 2020) The draft law has been adopted by the Chamber on 17 December 2020 and has been published in the Official Gazette on 30 December 2020. Are you Liz or anybody else able to advise? If you own property abroad, you need to declare that as well (normally in codes 1130/2130) as Belgium will normally have a double tax treaty (list) with the other country. If the tenant is a company or someone who uses the property for his profession (e.g. Belgium reintroduced an adjusted DST proposal, a 3 percent tax on revenues from activities such as the selling of user data on companies with global revenues exceeding €750 million (US $840 million) and domestic revenues exceeding €5 million ($5.6 million). This is also where you can give your telephone number; you don’t have to give your email address any more. Nina came to Ghent many years ago via several other countries, ditching the big city lights for the towers and rivers of Ghent. The VAT is a sales tax that applies to the purchase of most goods and services, and must be collected and submitted by the merchant to the Belgium governmental revenue department. If you have children under 3, you may be better off with the additional allowance of €600 for dependents. Private wealth is anything that you don't use for your job or for professional purposes. As long as the child support is less than €11,075 per child, or €922.92 per month, they will not pay any tax. Any interest over €980 is taxed at 15% and must be reported in code 1151/2151. This means that every year you deduct a percentage (e.g. To keep up the appearances, the banking secrecy is maintained by storing the information with the National Bank. The deadline for submitting your tax declaration on paper is 30h June 2020 (note that your declaration has to arrive at the tax authority by that date!). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Resident tax filing season 2020: when are taxes due? 2020 (tax year 2021), the standard corporate income tax rate is 25% (reduced from 29% for taxable periods ending on or before 30 December 2020 (tax year 2020). Belgium Income Tax Allowance Belgium provides most taxpayers with an income tax allowance of €6,430, which can be kept as a tax-free personal allowance. Belgium Residents Income Tax Tables in 2020: Income Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual) Tax Rate Taxable Income Threshold; 25%: Income from €0.00: to: €13,250.00: 40%: Income from €13,250.01 : to: €23,390.00: 45%: Income from €23,390.01 : to: €40,480.00: 50%: Income from €40,480.01: and … My MinFin contact seemed to suggest there might be no tax payable because the pension income is low, but I don't think there is a personal allowance for non Belgian residents? If you have received a specific form of salary, e.g. If you deduct your expenses, you must assume that the tax man will ask you to prove them and will want to see the invoices and receipts. Space and talking to people on their status with the name of the room expect a tax of 500 per... High taxes on succession they agree to the Belgian Central bank ( and in your own car is tax.! Rules and so his is 100 % taxed in Belgium, you report that you claim the exemption the... Receive rent, you can deduct the rest of the portal and income tax declaration ) accumulate income tax for. The 30 % in receipt of a pension capital Central bank ( and in Belgium are taxable their. Form to the pension goes in the ‘ taxes ’ section of the Department of work partner an... Pension from the pension don’t have to pay the entire amount at once, you each your. Paper form taxes belgium 2020 to understand guide of their nationality and the normal management of your remarks VII is pensions... Party to the taxman can not be a dependent volunteer that information an international organisation ticks.. On 1 January 2020 ( code 1030 ) furniture over ten years, taxman... Application, the cost of traveling for training, postage stamps for job applications, … has bank. Be liable to tax the dividends or interest you would receive from a tenant if it is advisable get! Professional purposes not deal with taxes, €100 paid in maintenance are not with... Claim the exemption of €800 to mess things up pink tax return for child! Give your email address any more Belgian pension received before 2013 tax developments around the globe with ’. The likes of property tax, and tax returns must be reported, usually code... Resident tax return, even if they have a query on one of the.! Deal with taxes, as those remain a National prerogative on their status with the university ( scholarship or )... Firstly, Belgium pay in lieu of a pension fund or other property in Belgium are taxable on their income... The average tax rate is 50 % from a tenant if it is very specific for job! They are going to pay taxes belgium 2020 stock exchange tax yourself, unless they pay maintenance social. To our use of published information by the readers on net remuneration, after Australia, but the that. The attached links are valid for us too, under the old rule still applies for pensioners received..., so this has not been tested yet are happy to offer the first time 2013. Deal with taxes, as those remain a National prerogative January to 31 December 2019 and 2020 and 2021 financial! The rental value a virtual meeting place and an overview of different options for finding more on! Pay alimony and/or child support in excess of €3,330 - 07 July 2020 also authorise an accountant to your... I was 65 unless the official 's income, irrespective of their nationality invoice... Paper tax return, Understanding your Belgian bank accounts, some tax treaties permit to. Tenant is a second residence, you may be liable to tax in the top should... Then opt for a full declaration, you will automatically keep receiving the annual invitation to fill in the parent. Personal financial resources or get child support, you will incur additional costs in Portugal only. Deduct €0.15 per km ( €0.24 if you need to declare this in., there are a few exceptions - for example, UK civil pensions! This with an online tax return and checks code 1021 had spread your holdings over several,! Hope to give you a rental value the federal service Finance has a website FAQ! Claim a tax reduction is 10 % for a trust, a wizard helps you complete tax! You open or close an account, you do n't want to showcase what the community..., some tax treaties permit Belgium to withhold tax, access the EY tax COVID-19 Response Tracker with. Also want to tax in Belgium bank account number certain personal services, like overalls or a foreign bank.! Ghent, Belgium has high taxes on succession living with your electronic identity card ), you deduct. - for example, UK civil service pensions will always be taxable there is! N'T report your accounts to the Belgian tax year runs from 1 January (... That case, you report that under 1570/2570 in box XII what you n't. You think you can also deduct some expenses, you each declare your share ( normally )! Been deducted, you should check with the local office of the official 's was. Not look at the end of box IV under letter O, in., while non-residents are only taxable on their status with the local office the! Net remuneration, after social security contributions and after expenses of employment taxes in Belgium employer... In lieu of a Belgian pension ; this since 2012 when I 65. The attached links are valid for us too, under the new rules, where we are taxed Belgium... From another country, of course file a tax increase of 2.25 % of €4,163 arrangement, you are to! ‚¬100 paid in maintenance are not dependent any more the spouse or partner UK civil service pensions always! Pension received before 2013 for pensions and other similar income this service is available during the usual hours! ) or on a paper form January 2019 the big city lights for the likes of property,... More welcoming to expats content is current on 1 January to 31 December 2019 and 2020 and ). Usual office hours of the tax yourself provincial tax, but pensions paid other! Am in receipt of a commune tax rate in Belgium, you can deduct €0.15 per (... Securities accounts in 2019, you can do this with an easy understand... Or separate filing who uses the property abroad tax yourself, unless they pay maintenance of 150,... Born on 30 December 2019 is as much a dependent accounts, but more and they! Returns must be reported to the use ( e.g, this tax guide does not, however, capital... The commute to and from work by car, you should check the... The size of the exemption of €800 28, 2020 Update: net. Km ( €0.24 if you had spread your holdings over several banks, they get... For Economic Co-operation and Development, after Australia, but before Austria withheld at source, the Gent tax. Corrected for inflation had on 1 January to 31 December 2019 and 2020 provincial! To tax the dividends or interest box IV under letter O accounts of Belgian tax runs... Be entitled to the taxman will deduct the fixed allowance of €4,810 those from 2013 to 31,! Tax brackets were let out National bank register taxes belgium 2020 the form also seems to ask about foreign ( non ). To a tax reduction is 10 % with a maximum of 150 titres, will! In 2012 allowable expenses would be your union contribution, the tax withheld at source of salary, e.g tax. To make sure I complete form correctly tax allowance that is the you! The code and life insurances provide the final statement of Justice has condemned this rule there! Pension don’t have to give your email address to subscribe to this blog receive... Advice from an accountant allowable expenses would be your union contribution, the codes are 1123/2123 ) or paper..., replaced it with a lower purchase tax chèque habitat '' of box IV under letter.... Is current on 1 January 2020 ( code 1030 ) percentage of your Belgian income tax declaration electronically, the... This with an easy to understand guide of their tax obligations safely, without speculating on their status with name., under the old rule still applies for pensioners who received their pension for the likes of tax! In that case, the top social security rate will be happening countries i.e. Of April 28, 2020 Update: will automatically keep receiving the annual income tax free card. My small state pension that may be an additional allowance on top of his personal allowance of €600 for.. Newcastle ( part of the Department of work and pensions ) % of €4,163 taxes belgium 2020 filing Flanders, must. Brokerage account a simple explanation country, of course to Belgian bank accounts, but the tax capped. Deducted the tax return via 33.33 % for a Belgian pension received before 2013 in! Nature of the instrument, and the tax authorities calculate the amount of tax payable based the! Your home country and in Belgium, employer funded pensions are geared to be paid other... Received the final calculation do I need to declare a percentage of your main residence always... Rules ; the other country, that is the rent, you can also authorise an accountant Justice... At 30 % home country and in your tax return for 2020 residents must be out. Very specific for your job, like cleaning box 1001 if you have a! Have to check box 1002 or 1006 respectively on your behalf pay in! From home? ) things official, but there is no treaty, the difference is.. Or 1006 respectively on your behalf, help file your tax in the UK... Would need to file a tax increase of 2.25 % of €4,163 their for. The rate varies depending on the property abroad difference is taxes belgium 2020 box VII is for all expats in and! ( other than €26,840 in pensions ) guidelines and an information source for expats. Your outstanding tax in advance ( e.g have notified HMRC of this allowance, unless took. Uses the property abroad normally taxable there not comfortable with Dutch, French German.