Home Is Where the Heart Is: Mapping Memories with Mary Ebeling

Event Date: 9.5.15

Home Is Where the Heart Is:
Mapping Memories with Mary Ebeling

9.5.15 | 1 - 4 PM
Paul Robeson House | 4951 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139


Join sociologist and ethnographer Mary Ebeling, for an interactive afternoon of wandering through the Philadelphia of the heart. Spend an afternoon sharing stories, writing, and image-making that will help to describe the emotional geographies we hold in our hearts and minds about our neighborhoods and Philadelphia. What does a particular street corner, a house or a store mean to you? Do these places in the city enter your dreams, give you a certain feeling when you walk by or evoke a memory for you? Bring an object that symbolizes your emotional landscape of the city and be prepared to creatively describe it.

RSVP to najja@paintedbride.org.

MARY EBELING is an associate professor of sociology and director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Drexel University. Mary is an ethnographic sociologist who researches the intersections of marketing, health, science and digital life. She also collaborates with artists and urban farmers to reimagine cities. In particular she collaborates with the Mill Creek Farm in West Philadelphia and alternative art spaces and collectives, such as Beta-Local in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Konsthall C in Stockholm, Sweden, and several artists’ collectives in Philadelphia including Grizzly Grizzly and Vox Populi. Her work has received support from the National Science Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) and the European Union (5th Framework Programme).

Read the Re-PLACE-ing Philadelphia interview with Mary here.

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