Education Note

Education Note:
Fancy Education
by Joie Nearn


The Philadelphia School district is full of a public special admission schools that are closely related to each other. Its very interesting how people travel all over the city to attend these schools. I investigated the important aspects of each institution and the location and the commute time it takes every student.  I investigated the 5 major schools in the Philadelphia School district.  I asked a person from each high school.


Girard Academic Music Program

GAMP is a magnet school located in South Philadelphia. The school is mainly focused on music, being as the “M” stands for music. The school is very small and is 5th- 12th grade

“It is different because it is a small music school that not many people have heard of but then again a lot of people have heard of it.” - Savannah El

Most people that live near the school are able to get there very quickly. Most of the GAMP students live in the area. Most people enjoy that because it makes it easier to be involved in school activities. When asked about redoing her  high school experience El stated:

“Yes, I would go to a larger high school, let alone an entire high school. This meaning not sharing with a middle school. By larger, I mean not just 250 students in the high school and not 66 students in my graduating class either. I would not go to a music school but I think I would still be involved in music. I think I would also be more involved with other activities like sports, clubs, and organizations.”

Based on prior knowledge GAMP is not the most diverse school, hopefully that will change in the future.


Central High School

Central is one of the oldest high schools in the city of Philadelphia. Located in logan section of our city. There are about 2,400 students that attend this school. Their school has a lot of school spirit and has constant events throughout the school year. There are over 50 clubs , so everyone can feel welcome. Most people who attend Central are from all around the city. When asked Do you feel that the location of your school has had an affect on you?

“No. Since I live so close, I am barely late and I can always stay after school for as long as I need to.” -Mekhiya Evans

Central High School is very diverse. They have a display of cultures every year international day. Which is  is when everyone dresses up in their national attire and cook food that is commonly eaten in their nationality or religion. When asked If you could re-do your high school experience would you?

“I wouldn’t change anything because my mistakes are what makes me the person I am.” Evans


Bodine William High School

Bodine is a management high school located in the northern part of our city. The school is filled with 88% of minority enrollment.  When asked How much diversity does your school have to offer?

“Very Diverse. Coming from middle school where everyone looks like me to a high school where there is a big change of culture was different but good for me. It’s good to step out of one's comfort zone I have made connections with people I never would've thought I would communicate through class sports and other activities, which will also create opportunities in the future.” - Derrick Mclean

The most important aspect of the school include is the size, which makes a everyone so inviting. The school is not located in a central location, this allows Mclean to travel about 7 miles to get to school. However this helped him get a better understanding of the city. Finally when asked ,If you could re-do your high school experience would you? Mclean said “No I would not re-do my hs experience because I’m satisfied and contempt with what I did to make my high school a better high school, socially, academically, and athletically. And it’s all about how you make your school better and leaving your school better than you found it.


Science Leadership Academy

SLA is a project based school that offers a 1:1 laptop program. The school also has a partnership with The Franklin Institute. The school is very inviting, the atmosphere a very relaxed. The school adopted 5 core values, which are Inquiry, Research, Collaboration, Presentation and Reflection. They are considered the most important aspects of the school.

Projects, internships and the SAT program makes the school a lot different. The school is easy to get to from every part of the city. When asked Do you feel that your school has made an impact in your future success?

“Yes. Because of the standards that are set, which help me create high standards for myself academically. Special admit school, great reputation.” - Jada Terrell

The school is one the diverse and dynamic school in the country. However, when asking Terrell  If you could re-do your high school experience would you? She responded

“No. Because I feel like everything was suppose to happen. The only thing that I would change the school spirit the size and I would love to have been a cheerleader. But if SLA was much bigger and it would not be SLA. Imagine SLA the size of central.”

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