Street Note

Street Note:
Greek Corner Store
by Brian Torres

 It’s midway through the summer and it’s burning hot out. “Brian get off the XBOX and go do something!” I hear my mom yell from the basement steps. I realize that I’m a bit thirsty and decide that I will head down the street to this Greek corner store that I can’t remember the name to because the name of the store is written in Greek. I just go there because on a nice hot summer day, compared to a lot of other places, everything in there is pretty cheap and affordable. I tell my mom that I’m leaving and that I will be back in about five to seven minutes. “Did you ask your brother and sister if they want anything?” She asks me right before I can walk out the door.

I yell for my brother and he tells me he’ll have anything and when I call for my sister, she simply tells me, “Oh just get me the usual, a Dr. Pepper or a Root Beer, whichever one you can find first.” I head out with about five bucks happy at the fact that this wouldn’t work anywhere else with the money I have. Anywhere else, I would barely have enough money to buy for myself, let alone my two younger siblings. I head out and walk a block down the street to the Greek corner store and I grab myself a bottle of Coca-Cola, my brother I get a bottle of orange Fanta, and I grab a bottle of Dr. Pepper for my sister. Total the three twenty ounce bottles of soda cost $4.50 because a twenty ounce bottle of soda is $1.50 at this place.

By this point the store owner knows my first name because of how often I go there for snacks. I pay the money and tell him to keep the change. I walk home and as I open the door I see my brother and sister right there in the living room watching some weird tv show, so I hand them their sodas and take my Coca-Cola down to the basement where I enjoy it along with some video games for the next hour or so.


Street Notes
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