Food Note

Food Note:
Ode To Bubble Tea
by Ameer Holmes


Oh Sweet, Oh Sweet  Bubble Tea,

Divine taste bursts the taste of my buds wide open,

How Good, How Good You Are To Me,

Like a sweet wife we make those four letter words come true,

Tell Me, Tell Me Why A Textured Sea,

L-I-K-E, yes those words that mean I appreciate you, I am in like with you,

When Gone, When Gone How Can This Be,

Requited turns into unrequited as I take the last few sips from the straw that sounds of thunder

Oh Sweet, Oh Sweet Bubble Tea R.I.P.,

As a single tear rolls down my eye, I leave the shop on 15th and Market, oh Japanese milk drink


See You When I Have More Money To Buy You Again, Until Next Time My Friend.

Food Notes
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