Re-PLACE-ing Philadelphia
Official Re-PLACE-ing Culmination Video Re-PLACE-ing Team 2.8.17
Memory Note Akin-Osho-Bosede 6.10.16
Street Note Myrna Yousuf 6.10.16
Bridge Note Caitlin Keough 6.10.16
Philly Girl Giving Back Angelica Owens 6.10.16
I investigated public magnet schools in philly.
Education Note Joie 6.10.16
Hair Note Tamira Bell 6.10.16
Food Note Ameer Holmes 6.10.16
Smell Note Hikma Salhe 6.10.16
Street Note Ava Olsen 6.9.16
Grafitti Note Kevin Courtney 6.9.16
Hair Note Tamira Bell 6.9.16
Hair Note Tamira Bell 6.9.16
Vision Note Katia Hadjeb 6.8.16
People of Philadelphia
Individuality Note Ameer Holmes 6.8.16
Hair Note Tamira Bell 6.8.16
Food Note Alejandro Jose Bautista Garcia 6.8.16
What're you having after school? A field note about food!
Food Note Adowa Mohamed 6.8.16
Street Note Ava Olsen 6.7.16
People Note Gabrielle Smullen 6.7.16
Food Note Brandon Yam 6.7.16
Hair Note Tamira Bell 6.7.16
Street Note Jade Schweitzer and Eamon Kelly 6.7.16
Food Note Kevin Courtney 5.25.16
Street Note Abuhena Hares 5.25.16
Food Note Esperanza Gonzalez and Taylor Washington 5.25.16
Transportation Note Maggie Clampet-Lundquist 5.25.16
Street Note Myrna Yousuf 5.20.16
School Note Brian Torres 5.20.16
Trail Note Kevin Horton 5.18.16
Travel Note Kadija Koita 5.18.16
Make Up Note Sydne Hopkins 5.17.16
Food Note Caitlin Keough and Maggie Clampet-Lundquis 5.16.16
Street Note Lauren Thomas 5.16.16
Food Note Hikma Salhe 4.29.16
Street Note Saul Salas 4.29.16
Street Note Huzaifah Malik and Osman Bangura 4.29.16
Tree Note Dylan McKeon 4.27.16
Street Note Angelica Owens 4.27.16
Street Note Esperanza Gonzalez 4.26.16
Hijabi Note Gabrielle Smullen 4.26.16
Street Note Dylan McKeon 4.25.16
Many Faces of Philadelphia |re-PLACE-ing Philadelphia|
Street Note Joseff Filamor 4.25.16
Project Note: Faustin Faustin Linyekula 4.21.16
Marty Pottenger: Listening to Trees
Project Note: Marty Marty Pottenger 4.21.16
Sound Note Esperanza Gonzalez 4.20.16
Food Note Abuhena Hares 4.14.16
Street Note Huzaifah Malik and Osman Bangura 4.14.16
generative archives
Project Note Lauren Bakst & Talvin Wilks 4.13.16
Street Note Ava Olsen 4.11.16
Graffiti Note Kevin Courtney 4.11.16
Project Note: Faustin Faustin Linyekula 4.9.16
Sky Note Lauren Thomas 4.6.16
North Philly Note Rosalie Ann Swana 4.5.16
Race Note Sydne Hopkins 4.5.16
Neighborhood Note Kadija Koita 4.1.16
River Note Anna Kroll 3.29.16
Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection
Sound Note Dyana Williams 3.28.16
Street Note Akin Osho Bosede 3.27.16
POPPYN on Philly's Brotherly LOVE
Meta-Note POPPYN 3.24.16
Street Note Ava Olsen 3.23.16
Vision Note Katia Hadjeb 3.17.16
Street Note Ava Olsen 3.16.16
Street Note Lauren Thomas 3.15.16
Bird Note Ameer Holmes 3.14.16
River Note Caitlin Keough 3.14.16
Bird Note Desmond O'Donovan 3.11.16
Street Note Jade Schweitzer 3.11.16
nobody's space
Street Note Shavon Norris 3.7.16
Street Note Amelia Longo 3.3.16
Street Note Gerry Givnish 3.2.16
Street Note Valerie V. Gay 2.26.16
listening to history
Editor's Note #6 Lauren Bakst 2.23.16
Project Note: Marty Celeste DiNucci 2.18.16
Sound Note Emily Schuman 2.12.16
Sound Note Lenny Seidman 2.8.16
shades: old souls in our midst
Tree Note Miykaaiyl 2.3.16
Sound Note Chello Sherman 2.1.16
McCOY TYNER, I Thought I'd Let You Know
Sound Note Lee Nelson 1.29.16
Sound Note Iris Jenkins 1.26.16
Reggie Wilson Open Rehearsal
Project Note: Reggie Reggie Wilson 1.22.16
Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia
Sound Note David Murphy 1.20.16
Workshop with Faustin Linyekula
Project Note: Faustin Faustin Linyekula 1.19.16
John Coltrane "My Favorite Things" 1961 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)
Sound Note J. Michael Harrison 1.14.16
Tap Tap
Project Note: Reggie Maria Urrutia 1.11.16
Sound Note Michelle Freeman 1.8.16
Sound Note King Britt 1.1.16
Can't Get To Heaven on the Frankford El - The American Dream
Food Note Paul Mick 12.23.15
Food Note LaNeshe Miller White 12.23.15
Food Note Musa Andrews 12.21.15
Meta-Note Brenda Dixon Gottschild 12.17.15
Food Note Claire Hadida 12.15.15
First exposure to Szechuan food in Philadelphia - 1970
Food Note Ed Hoffman 12.15.15
Editor's Note #5 Lauren Bakst 12.10.15
Food Note Chris Vacca & Kiki Aranita 12.6.15
Project Note: Reggie Kristel Baldoz 12.2.15
Sound Note Jesse Bermudez 11.19.15
Street Note Dorette Ligons-Ham 11.13.15
Street Note ​Bernardine (Dine) Watson 11.10.15
River Note Anna Kroll 11.6.15
Marc Bamuthi Joseph: On Re-PLACE-ing Philadelphia
Meta-Note Marc Bamuthi Joseph 11.3.15
Project Note: Faustin Lauren Bakst 10.29.15
Opera Company of Philadelphia "Flash Brindisi" at Reading Terminal Market (April 24, 2010)
Sound Note Michael Bolton 10.24.15
Meta-Note Heather Holmes 10.18.15
Sound Note Patty Jackson 10.17.15
Tree Note Brenda Dixon Gottschild 10.16.15
Editor's Note #4 Lauren Bakst 10.14.15
Sound Note Bobby Zankel 10.6.15
Tree Note Marty Pottenger 10.6.15
Food Note Valerie Erwin 9.30.15
Street Note Wilmer Wilson 9.24.15
Food Note Deborah Rudman 9.17.15
Editor's Note #3 Lauren Bakst 9.14.15
Food Note Lisa Duhart-Collins 9.10.15
Meta-Note Najja Zimele Keita 9.1.15
Street Note Emily Wexler 8.25.15
Food Note Martin Brown 8.21.15
Meta-Note Julie B. Johnson 8.19.15
Project Note: Marty Najja Zimele-Keita 8.13.15
Street Note Donnell Powell 8.12.15
Meta-Note Lauren Bakst 8.10.15
Meta-Note M. Nzadi Keita 8.5.15
Tree Note Painted Bride Art Center 8.3.15
Street Note Mary Ebeling 7.28.15
Tree Note Barbara Braxton 7.21.15
Editor's Note #2 Lauren Bakst 7.16.15
Project Note: Reggie Najja Zimele-Keita 7.16.15
Project Note: Marty Marty Pottenger & Denise Brown 7.10.15
Meta-Note Thomas DeFrantz 7.10.15
Meta-Note Brenda Dixon Gottschild 6.26.15
Editor's Note #1 Lauren Bakst 6.17.15
​What is the Philadelphia you remember?
Street Note Sandra Diamond Choukroun 6.15.15
Project Note: Reggie Reggie Wilson & Lauren Bakst 6.11.15
Project Note: Faustin Najja Zimele-Keita 6.10.15
Meta-Note Thomas DeFrantz 6.1.15
cherry blossom trees and cement jungles
Tree Note Joan K. Sloan 5.26.15
Project Note: Marty Marty Pottenger & Lauren Bakst 5.26.15
Meta-Note Brenda Dixon Gottschild 5.7.15
Project Note: Faustin Faustin Linyekula 5.7.15
Project Note: Faustin Kristel Baldoz 5.7.15